moviesapi an API for movies and UK cinema listings

moviesapi provides brief movie data, cinema listings and showtimes from UK cinemas based upon a postcode. It screenscrapes Find any Film..

In a Guardian article from way back in 2009, they describe that an "API will also be rolled out that will allow developers to build applications around this unique and rich data set". That didn't seem to ever happen.

This was implemented to screenscrape Find any Film and provide a simple data source for YRS i-DAT's 2013 project.


There are API calls for listing nearby cinemas by postcode, and listing cinema times for the next few days.

It will only return JSON. There is no authentication.

Note: On 4th August 2015, changed quite notably. Whilst it is now working again, responses might differ and pagination is no longer supported. moviesapi is on hold for now, with a reimplementation probably on the cards.

Nearby Cinemas By Postcode

GET /cinemas/find/:postcode


           "venue_id": ""
           "name": "Reel, Plymouth, Devon",
           "address": "Reel, Derrys Cross, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2SW",
           "phone": "01752 663300",
           "url": "",
           "distance": "1.1 miles"
The postcode should be without spaces (although, with should be fine), like: PL15RH. The initial response is limited to 10 cinemas, with paging for further results. Like so:
GET /cinemas/find/:postcode?page=2
The Link headers indicate how many pages are accessible. If you go over the limit, you'll see a 400 Bad Request.

Cinema Times By Cinema

GET /cinemas/:venue_id/showings


        "title": "Despicable Me 2 (2013) (U)",
        "time": [
The "venue_id" should be gotten from the "Nearby Cinemas" call above. By default it returns the listings for today.


The code is open source and hosted on GitHub. It's hosted on Heroku.

The content is bound by the data source itself and liable to the Find any Film Terms and Conditions. It basically says that you cannot reuse the data commerically and you are liable for the dissemination of said data. Or something.